How To Install A 6x9 Speakers In Rear Deck?

How To Install A 6×9 Speakers In Rear Deck? Personal Guide

If you have a car and it does not have a good quality sound speaker. If you want to improve the quality of sound then you need to place a new speaker in the car.

Installing a car speaker is not rocket science in rear deck individuals think about it, and it’s good to have quality music in a car.

However, the question is how to install 6×9 speakers in the rear deck. Let’s learn all the processes.

Moreover, if you want to listen to more bass without any expense have a large high-woofer trunk. So, you have to install a 6X9 speaker into the back of your car.

Now, let’s take a look at the actual part.

Necessary Equipements You’ll Need:

There is some mandatory equipment you will need for the installation.

The installation method is very easy, even you can operate it with bare hands. Installing 6X9 requires some equipment and tools.

Furthermore, A cutout template is needed for the speaker, like a Dremel a small cutting tool, cutting wheels of 2-3 pieces of metal, grinding wheels that need accessories, drills ( preferably cordless) is also needed, 1-8 bit bits, inches, mounting screws, any gasket material, a marker, and a flathead screwdriver in a medium size.

Some equipment is needed to protect yourself during the process, i.e. safety glasses, hearing protection, dust masks, and a long-sleeved shirt.

All necessary equipment should be kept close so that you can reach them easily.

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How To Install A 6×9 Speakers In the Rear Deck?

Here is the process to install a 6X9 speaker rear deck. Anyone can install it in a few steps.

Step 1:  

The first step is to remove the panel which covers the back of the rear deck. In several cars, it is possible to pry up around the hard-plastic edging.

Purchasing trim removal tools can make it easier for you. Pop-out plastic rivets will be holding the panel in place.

Step 2: 

After removing the back panel, the bolt holding which locates the current speaker in place to find out what size socket will be needed to remove them.

Step 3: 

Let the bolt be removed and set them with the plastic aside rivet to reuse with the new speakers.

Step 4: 

Pull the old speaker up and out of the deck, making sure not to pull it hard on the wiring.

The speaker wire will connect to the main wiring opposite the plug. This will have a small piece of plastic that will be needed to lift as it is pulled. Apply it for both left and right.

Step 5: 

Install the new speaker which is the reverse of the first four steps,  which will connect the new speaker harness to the car wiring the same plug.

Step 6: 

After the wire is connected, install the speaker down into the deck and line up the predrilled holes.

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Step 7: 

With the help of bolts, the new speaker is fastened to the rear deck. Do not overnight the bolt that cracks the plastic lip of the speaker. Apply these for both speakers.

Step 8: 

Install the back panel over the rear deck and tie it with plastic rivets. Unless you hear the snap push them down. Flush all the panels, Mainly any part around the frame door.

Can I Install Rear Deck Speakers in Any Car? 

These days many cars already have speakers installed in the rear deck and installing them is very easy as brought up above.

Several car components are plugged-n-play making the switch almost effortless. To work on the older speaker, may not have a positioned speaker in the rear of the car, which produces the installation of a tracker.

Saloon cars have the most complicated installation due to there being rear decks part of the body shape and the speaker not always mounting holes.

We are able to simply measure the size and purchase matching speakers when the holes exist. If the holes do not exist, cutting holes for the speaker in metal is needed.

It also affects the car’s warranty for the body, by making holes in the car, occasionally in new vehicles.

I recommend going to a professional If any fabrication work needs to be done.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Let’s take a look at some FAQs related to this topic.

Q: Do Rear Deck Speakers Make a Difference?

A: No, there are logically no differences between the surround and rear surround speakers. The difference depends on where the speaker is positioned in a car.

It does not install the use of a back speaker to configure the 5.1 sound system.

Q: Do You Need Mid Ranges If You Have a 6×9 Speaker?

A:  Both mid-range and 6X9 car audio speakers are the same things. The mid-range of sound is able to be provided by the speaker, which sounds natural to an individual’s ears.

Q: Do I Need an Amplifier for Rear Deck Speakers?

A:  The deck does not have power output, thus when the rear speaker is replaced with aftermarket ones, the amplifier has to be added, and the head unit and speaker are replaced at the same time.

The additional cost of adding an amplifier can be avoided if you are searching for the basic setup.

Q: Which Car Speakers are good for the Rear Deck in My Car?

A:  I would like to recommend the coaxial speaker due to its ease of installation and it also has strong high tones produced by a separate tweeter in the back of the car is not needed.

Q: How Long Will it take to Install in the Rear Deck?

A:  It depends on the car paneling and how many pieces the car has and it has to be removed before installation. Installing takes a couple of hours.

Q: How Much Will It Cost to Install Speakers in the Rear Deck?

A: If you want to install it by yourself then it will be less expensive. However, the most expensive thing is the speakers themselves. Moreover, it also depends on the source.

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I hope that these steps will help you to install the rear deck in a car to boost up the sound of the loudspeaker. Moreover, the tools that are brought up above will assist you in using them.

Placing a woofer in a different place in a car will make your car sound higher and it will be more possible to listen to clear sound.

Now you learned how to install 6×9 speakers in the rear deck?

Good Luck, Have a nice day!

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