Best 6.75 Car Speakers For Bass

This Month I Tried Dozens of 6.75 Car Speakers for Bass So Let’s Find Out Which One is Roof-Smashing

Choosing the appropriate 6.75 car speaker with decent bass can take time because you must select a single product from many competitors.

As an audiophile, I have always been cautious in choosing a product that has louder volume, richer bass, durable material, and is budget-friendly at once.

For this purpose, I have tried and tested different speakers from different brands, and in this article, I will show my top eight picks. 

What makes a good 6.75 speaker should be the following question in your mind.

To better understand the speaker you intend to buy, please go through the buying guide. This comprehensive guide will enlighten you about the different aspects of 6.75 car speakers so you can have a more refined choice.

Buying Guide for 6.75 Bass Car Speakers 

Before replacing your car’s OEM with 6.75 speakers, you should know the most common terminologies of speakers, like power handling, sensitivity, woofer and tweeter material, impedance, and the type of speakers. 

Sensitivity of Unit

When you apply a single watt of power to the speaker, how loud sound it can produce is termed sensitivity.

To better understand this phenomenon, for instance, if the sensitivity on the specification sheet is mentioned as 88dB, it means when you give one watt of power, it will produce an 88dB loud sound. The higher the sensitivity, the lower the required power to produce sound.

So, a higher-sensitivity speaker will work efficiently with a low-powered car stereo. If you take my recommendation, a 6.75 speaker is viable if the sensitivity is above 90 dB. 

Peak Power Handling

These days, most cars are equipped with high-powered stereos capable of producing high wattage.

In this regard, your speaker must have a higher power threshold to absorb without damage. This power is called peak power handling, indicating the speaker’s compatibility with low and high-powered systems.

Knowing the power handling of the product you intend to buy, and your vehicle’s current power system is essential.

In addition to power handling, another important indicator is the RMS rating, which means the continuous power a device can take with excellent performance.

It is measured in watts, and a speaker having below 60 watts RMS value is considered to be used with low-powered stereo, and anything above 60 watts is good to go with high-power audio regimes. 


Out of the applied power to your speakers, it won’t utilize all the power; instead, it will resist the power.

This resistance is called the impedance of a speaker, measured in ohms. It is vital to know about the impedance of your product because it lets you see the load to be placed on your amplifier. 

Having a modest impedance is mandatory because, with very low impedance, loads of current go through it, potentially overheating the internal components and leading to permanent damage.

Moreover, if the impedance is very high, it will draw more power resulting in weak and muddled output. The standard impedance in a 6.75 speaker is 4 ohms with a margin of 1 ohm (+-1).

Build Material: Woofer and Tweeter

The build material of woofer cones and dome tweeters is of utmost importance. It equally affects the sound quality and durability of the unit.

As the woofer cones have a hectic job of vibrating for the emission of bass frequencies, their material must be lightweight to perform its task efficiently.

Moreover, it has to be rigid and stiff to withstand these vibrations. Usually, a synthetic polymer called polypropylene is used in woofer cones; this material has the properties of rigidity and lightweight simultaneously. 

On the contrary, the dome tweeter is either hard or soft. Soft tweeters are responsible for smooth sound and usually build textiles like silk.

The rigid tweeters are constructed to produce highs that cut through the mix as they are made of metal, graphite, or ceramics. I like using soft tweeters as they are economical and perform well.

List of 7 Best 6.75 Car Speakers for Bass I Like

Let’s get down the list, shall we? 

1. Rockford Fosgate P1675 – Great 👍 Bass 6.75 Speakers

The Fosgate P1675 Punch is a three-way full-range speaker compatible with low-powered stereo because of its power handling.

This model has different size variations starting from 4 inches. The most prominent is the 6.75-inch version. 

It is pocket-friendly, hovering around $100, and at this price, it has a lot to offer for a music geek. Even laymen can install them easily as the installation of this device is straightforward, thanks to its innovative Flexfit basket design.

It produces smooth and clear sound and high volumes while the bass and treble complement each other efficiently. 

The Rockford P1675 6.75 is designed to produce high volumes with a fraction of power. It has a peak power handling of 110 watts, while the RMS wattage is 55 watts.

These numbers are efficiently supported by a 4 ohms impedance designed to draw ample power without overheating the internal components. 

At the same time, the sensitivity matches the other specifications, valued at 88dB.

In addition, this variant has a decent frequency response with a lower limit of 65 Hz and an upper limit of 22KHz, which ensures the variety of music you can enjoy on this audio equipment. 

The build quality of the woofer cones is lightweight and sturdy, using the synthetic polypropylene polymer and butyl rubber surround that provides accurate output.

It has a PEI dome tweeter with a built-in crossover and injection-molded mineral-filled polypropylene cones that enhance frequency reproduction.

Appropriate frequency is sent to the respective drive making the experience one to remember. 

Moreover, the installation in the vehicle is effortless because of the Flexfit basket design that comes with slots rather than screws, so you can better adjust it.

This device has a grille to protect the tweeter and the woofer cones from debris, and the manufacturer also provides mounting hardware where the mounting depth is only 2.66 inches.


  • PEI dome tweeter
  • Diverse frequency range
  • Grilles included
  • High-quality sound with deep bass


  • Price is High [Worth it]

2. Kenwood KFC-1796PS – 6 3/4 Speakers with Good Bass

Kenwood is a renowned audio equipment brand that produces stunning 6.75-inch speakers for cars. 

The KFC-1796PS is our choice because of the brand’s innovative patented technology resulting in a buttery smooth sound with enormous bass.

With its acoustic sound harmonizer, the frequency reproduction is substantially enhanced between 4KHz to 5KHz.

Moreover, it has a dedicated sound field enhancer that broadens the excellent field and benefits the extended perception of sound. 

The peak power handling is impressive at 330 watts, while the RMS is valued at 100 watts. This means that the KDC-1796PS is designed for a high-powered sound system.

Thus you can expect a much louder volume. They have a frequency range of 72Hz to 24KHz, showing that they can produce various sounds for music lovers.

Moreover, the sensitivity is below 90dB, valued at 88dB with a standard 4-ohm impedance. The sensitivity could have been improved, but the high-power audio system’s compatibility balances the gap.

The diameter of the tweeter is around 1.18″, which is incredible in this price range. 

A little more on the Acoustic Sound Harmonizer: Its primary function is to produce smooth and natural sound by woofer sound waves and allowing a few selective frequencies to pass through the hole of the tweeter panel.

The diamond array pattern on the woofer cones enhances the sound while reducing distortion simultaneously.

Another unique technology Kenwood uses is the sound field enhancer that broadens the excellent field in the 5KHz, and above frequencies range, resulting in frontward solid sound. 

Make sure to read my written guide on Affordable and Best 6.5 Speakers Without Amp which will change your daily music life.


  • Acoustic Sound Harmonizer
  • High peak power handling
  • Sound Field Enhancer
  • Diamond pattern array on woofer cones
  • Outclass sound with high volume and deep bass


  • No grilles included
  • Sensitivity is low 

3. Pioneer TS-M650PRO – 6.75 Speakers with Bass

The high-efficiency midrange TS-M650Pro is a powerful car speaker made for use with high-powered audio systems.

They are the most influential speakers in this category, with very high peak power handling and respective RMS wattage. Not only does it produce ridiculously higher volume, but it also generates superior bass.

The woofer cones are made of unconventional material, and so is the speaker’s surround. 

You can’t use them with a low-powered audio system because the peak power handling is 1000 watts as a pair and 500 watts each.

Moreover, the RMS rating is valued at 220 watts or, in other words, 110 each. It uses the typical 4 ohms impedance, but its sensitivity is relatively high, 94dB so it can produce quite a high volume with single-watt power. 

The frequency response, like those specs, is just too good with the lower limit of 50Hz and the max of 18KHz.

Unfortunately, there are no grilles for dust protection, but overall metallic build plays a vital role in keeping the unit durable. 

The whole design of the speakers is unique; for instance, it has optimally blended pulp woofer cones rather than the traditional polypropylene accompanied by a corrugated surround instead of rubber.

This provides outclass results in terms of sensitivity, excursion, and power handling. 

By including the bullet tweeters, new levels of SPL are achieved by producing loud volume with exceptional clarity and bass that is heavy, rich, and full in the true sense.


  • Amazingly high power handling
  • Loud and clear volume
  • Bullet tweeters
  • Good frequency response


  • You can’t use it in a low-powered system
  • No grilles

4. Kicker 46CSC674 6.75 Car Speakers

The CS series from Kicker has some stunning sound-producing equipment, so Kicker 46CSC674 6.75 has made it to our list.

This model is a three-way full-range coaxial speaker with excellent heavy-duty performance, thanks to the inclusion of EVC and the built of woofer cones made the standard synthetic polypropylene.

At the same time, the ribbed UV-treated surround provides extended support for durability. The inclusive phase plugs ensure strengthened clarity and accuracy by omitting distortion.

It also has a dedicated inline crossover for ensured allotment of frequencies to the respective driver. 

Considering the technical specs of this variant, like other Kicker models, it also doesn’t disappoint by having top-notch specifications.

It can handle a peak power of 300 watts, while the RMS is 100 watts, which is very good in this price range.

Unlike the standard speakers, this model has an impedance of 3.3 ohms with a decent sensitivity of 90dB, and these numbers show the efficiency of this equipment.

In addition, the frequency response is diverse, starting from 40 Hz up to 20KHz. Grilles are also part of the unit to intensify the tweeter’s protection. 

The performance of this model is outstanding, thanks to the heavy-duty motor structure by includes Extended Voice Coil (EVC) technology entertaining low bass in a very effective way.

With the zero protrusion PEI dome tweeter, the sound is very smooth as the sturdy cones and ribbed UV-treated surrounds offer a buttery smooth response and smooth midrange.

Moreover, this device can fit any vehicle effortlessly, making it an excellent choice for your OEM replacement.

It uses a neodymium magnet accompanied by titanium domes that reveal every bit of your music, and you will have the experience to remember. 

The 6dB octave inline crossover plays a pivotal role in allotting balanced frequencies to its compatible driver.

It enhances the music reproduction to the next level, and you will enjoy highs and lows with decent midrange and deep bass.


  • Reasonable power handling
  • Extended voice coil
  • Broad frequency range
  • Built-in Inline crosser


  • Slight distortion at high frequencies

5. 2 Kicker 43DSC6704 6 3/4 Speakers for Bass

The DS Kicker series is more of a mid-range device with decent specifications and incredibly affordable prices.

One of its members, the 43DSC6704 is a two-way metallic model with remarkable compatibility for many cars in terms of fitting.

It produces volume so loud because of the high-sensitivity motor that no matter whether you are using the head unit on its own or incorporating it with an amplifier, it will impress you. 

Compared to the CS series, its technical specifications are not as fascinating. However, it is compatible with low-powered sound systems. 

This model can only bear a maximum of 240 watts, while the continuous power handling capacity is restricted to 60 watts.

In addition, the sensitivity is 90dB, which is decent, and the impedance is the standard 4 ohms. With a diverse frequency range of 40Hz to 20KHz, it can produce various sounds for almost every music type. 

To protect the dome tweeter, the CS series has grilles included in the package. The foams are built from polypropylene, while the woofer surround material is polyester foam which gives damping support during high vibrations. 

The grilles, however, don’t interfere with your sound because they use zero protrusion PEI dome tweeters that deliver crystal clear sound.

The rigid polypropylene cones of these speakers ensure the product’s reliability, along with polyester foam used as surround material.

As metallic, this device has built-in holes in its frame, so you don’t need to worry about drilling holes. With a tight budget, it makes an outstanding choice as a permanent replacement for your car’s speakers.


  • High sensitivity motor
  • Affordable price
  • Zero protrusion PEI tweeters
  • Decent frequency response


  • Low RMS wattage
  • Not as durable as its competitors

6. Powerbass S-Series 6.75 Door Speakers

The S-Series from Powerbass offers a full range of coaxial speakers compatible with low-powered vehicle stereos.

It includes a paper cone, a proprietary of the brand, that results in smooth and rich bass through the midrange tones.

The magnet is gigantic, producing increased vibrations, and is enclosed in a non-resonant treated basket. It is economical, thus making it an excellent choice for OEM replacement. 

With a peak power handling of 150 watts, it has an RMS rating of 50 watts, and these numbers indicate that you can’t use it in a high-powered audio regime.

The standard impedance of 4 ohms combined with 88dB sensitivity enables it to efficiently produce louder sounds without taking many resources.

From 63 Hz to 20 KHz, you get a decent frequency response that can create diverse types of sounds within this specific range. This model doesn’t have grilles which would make it a complete package. 

It has a dual-layer paper cone that features DDC (Dynamic damping coating) along with a double-pressed treated foam surround, fabricating the bass through the midrange tones.

To entertain the high frequencies, it does have a low-profile silk dome tweeter that provides the same quality sound as expensive home sound systems. 

The model has a 10 oz magnet that effectively creates thunderous sounds by creating a strong magnetic field. It is enclosed in a rigid tooled basket with a flat back finish for better fitting in car type.


  • Easy installation
  • Sil tweeter
  • Diverse frequency response
  • Massive magnet


  • Paper cones are vulnerable to moisture
  • No grilles

7. Kicker 43CWRT672 – Budget 6.75 Speakers

The Kicker 43CWRT672 CompRT 6.75 is a dual voice coil low impedance and high-power handling model famous for its slim and sleek design.

The specifications of this variant indicate that it is a high-powered compatible device. With woofer cones made from polypropylene, the surrounds are built with Santoprene, a high-grade elastomer.

It is a weatherproof model and can withstand almost any extreme conditions. 

This sound equipment can take up 300 watts of peak power, while the RMS is measured at 150 watts, which is very impressive and shows that it can operate on high power, resulting in loud volume.

The impedance is incredibly low, only 2 ohms which seems insanely low, while the sensitivity of this module is 82dB.

The frequency response might be a blessing for some while a curse for others because it only has a maximum range of 500 Hz with a minimum of 30 Hz.

While this lower frequency limits the production of various types of sound, it creates a remarkable number of heavy bass, which is more critical to an audiophile audience. 

Bring on a low to mid-range subwoofer from the market, and these can compete with it, thanks to their jaw-dropping bass in compact packaging.

Moreover, they are smaller, with a mounting depth of only 3 inches. You can install them in almost any vehicle. 

The polypropylene cones are powerful enough to create heavy bass with louder volume, and that too, without any distortion.

In addition to that, the Santoprene surround will last longer because it has a high-performance elastomer, showcasing rubber properties and plastic’s easy processing.

If your goal is primarily bass, this model will suit you better than any other.


  • High power handling
  • Apparent and full bass
  • Solid build quality
  • Ample mounting depth


  • Very low-frequency response
  • Comparatively low sensitivity

Frequently Asked Questions About These Speakers

I have been frequently asked for these questions.

Are 6.5 and 6.75 speakers the same?

Technically, they are different because more giant woofers generally refer to louder volume as they are more capable of entertaining lower frequencies and high SPLs. 

Do You Need An Amp For Door 6.75 Speakers?

If you are an audiophile looking for excellent quality sound with loud music and distinguishing bass, and if you are interested in customizing your vehicle, only then do you need an amp; otherwise, you don’t need to add an amp for door 6.75 inch speakers. 

Are 2 Or 3-Way Speakers Better?

The 3-way speakers are usually better than 2-way speakers because they provide more options and better sound quality.

The reason is that 3-way speakers have an additional driver that acts as a dedicated subwoofer solely responsible for handling lower frequencies. 

What Are The Best 6.75 Speakers For Bass?

For the best bass in 6.75 inches speakers, Kenwood KFC-1796PS, Pioneer TS-M650Pro, Kicker 43CWRT672 CompRT, and Rockford Fosgate P1675 Punch are the best 6.75 speakers in the market.

What I’ve To Say in The Last?

To buy the good 6.75 car speakers for bass, you have to understand the technical specifications of these devices. You must check the power handling, sensitivity, impedance, woofer and tweeter material, size, and price.

Once you know the technical specifications, you can choose a better speaker for your car. The most famous brands for 6.75-inch car speakers are Pioneer, Kenwood, Rockford, and Kicker

You can choose from various options, falling into different price brackets. 

Moreover, the mentioned models contain high and low-powered devices. You must buy the correct power-compatible device for optimum performance. 

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