6x9 Vs 6x8 Car Speakers

6×9 Vs 6×8 Car Speakers – The Ultimate Choice for Big Cars?

If you have a Ford truck parked in your garage or if you’ve ever owned one such big boy, you’re sure to know what’s the most sizzling topic related to their stereos.

Deciding if it’s the 6×8 or the 6×9 speakers that make for the best bet to do up their aftermarket car audio?

That’s particularly because only these two colossal speakers fit these heavy-duty machines the best. So for such big car owners, it’s always a hell of a brainstorming to decide on one from the 6×8 vs 6×9 car speakers contest.

Well, that does need a homework. But you need not worry as below in this article, I’ve just done that for you by comparing both of these in every possible way. So just scroll down and you’ll have it there.

6×9 Vs 6X8 Car Speakers

Analogous from almost every minute degree, both 6×8 and 6×9 are perhaps the largest car speakers you’d find on the market. Except for just a few millimeters of difference in their dimensions, there isn’t much in them to be pitted against each other.

However, we should definitely find out some differences.

#1. Size and Build Dimensions – Just a Slight Difference

The 6x8s, as is obvious through their name, are a tad bit smaller in size in comparison to their 6×9 counterparts. Any standard 6×8 speaker would measure around 5 14/16” or 150 mm in height and approx. 209 mm or 8 4/16” in width and would easily fit into a cutout of around 130 mm x 203 mm (or 5 2/16” x 8”).

Whereas for a standard 6×9 speaker, the measurements would more or less read 6.5” x 9 5/16” or approx. 164 mm x 235 mm with the cutout supposed to perfectly fit it measuring at around 145 x 230 mm.

The stated measurements are though not any standard figures as they may slightly change from manufacturer to manufacturer. So you should take them as mere examples – perhaps the closest to the real-life ones.

#2. Sound Spectrum/Frequency Range Response – 6x9s Marginally Winning

Although both 6×8 and 6×9 car speakers come with elliptical builds offering more surface area at the cone, the 6x9s get a little bit extra edge over the others – obviously due to their slightly maximum widths.

Well, a larger surface area at conus means the more air can circulate during motion which ultimately translates into a bit more volume as well as deeper bass as compared to small round cones.

That said, a 6×9 speaker would, kind of, edge past a 6×8 and cover a little bit more sound spectrum – say anywhere between 40Hz to 24KHz. Means it can just barely throw a little louder music and maybe a bit deeper bass (if in a proper enclosure) as well when compared to its 6×8 counterpart.

#3. Pricing and Compatibility – 6x8s Lead the Race Here

No doubt there’s hardly any noticeable difference of any form between these two speaker types still you’ll find 6×8 car speakers boasting relatively lower prices and higher compatibility ratio than 6x9s.

One reason may, of course, be their somewhat lesser millimeters, but it’s mostly because of the competition element as 6×8 speakers are quite more widespread than 6×9 car speakers.

Most modern-day heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers prefer going with a great 6×8 speaker over any standard 6×9, and for good reason. The 6x8s may take up a bit less space, have relatively smaller mounting depths, and sound almost the same as a 6×9 speaker.

That’s why so many advanced camper trailers, trucks, pickups, and similar big machines come with 6×8 speakers as their OEM stocks. And that’s quite the case with the aftermarket installations as well.

It’s not to say that the 6×9 car speakers are lethally expensive or anything but 6x8s has got a few added luxuries.

For example, if you’ve got a big car with 6×9 stocks, and you want to replace them with some high-quality aftermarket 6x9s, you’d still most of the time need to do some trims to make them fit in those cutouts (due to the brand-to-brand difference in dimensions). Whereas a set of 6×8 car speakers will just easily drop in there.

So that’s all that makes for a relatively higher compatibility and lower prices of 6×8 car speakers in comparison to 6x9s.

#4. Power Handling and Performance – 6x8s Might be the Better Choice, Again

Due to their tad bit larger size, the 6×9 car speakers usually draw extra power, and thus you’d need a more powerful amplifier or receiver for them to run at full tilt.

On the contrary, a set of 6x8s may be slightly more economical in that sense. Though higher power draw simply means higher and better peak performance, it’s not always easy to make up for that.

Final Verdict

“6×8 vs 6×9 car speakers” is never such a big contest, I guess. Both of these are some really heavy sizes, so they don’t as such go into modern-day cars esp. smaller sedans or hatchbacks, etc.

Though with the growing popularity of SUVs and similar big passenger cars across the world, such big speakers have somehow regained their importance. And with that, the 6x8s have an increased widespread popularity than the 6×9 speakers.

With 6×9 speakers requiring you to do a lot of measurements first to ensure, if they will go into your car’s doors or onto the shelves, the 6x8s have slightly eased up the matter. They offer relatively smaller mounting depths and even somehow fit into smaller cars as well.

However, with a 6×9, it’s always one heck of a struggle.

Though great 6x9s would not make you desire separate subs due to their exceptional bass alongside crispy highs, a high-quality 6×8 packed in a proper enclosure would also do more of the same.

Also, not all aftermarket 6x9s fit well inside the OEM’s 6×9 cutouts, but a 6×8 can easily solve that thing as well. They can most of the time directly fit inside a 6×9 hole but if it’s still loose for them in there, a mounting bracket can solve the problem.

As regards if a 6×9 speaker can fit inside a 6×8, it’s always an almost impossible task. But if you have plenty of time, and you know how to use a Dremel cutter and a drill, you can try a DIY fit.

Lastly, for all the great reasons discussed above, the 6×8 car speakers make for some competition in the market. So they are usually available for relatively lesser bucks than the 6×9 speakers.

Nevertheless, both speakers offer options for almost every price point.

Have a nice day. ☺️

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