Best 6x8 Speakers For Bass

7 Best 6×8 Speakers For Bass [2024 List]

Often cars, even those made by reputable companies, overlook the sound system integrated into them, most of the time, it is done intentionally to cut corners and keep the manufacturing cost under a stripped budget.

Nevertheless, whatever the case might be, being stuck with speakers that have poor bass is certainly a lousy experience especially if you want to optimize your car ambiance to impress your buddies and your peers.

This is why, if I were you, I would clearly prefer picking any decent quality 6×8 coaxial speaker that offers phenomenal bass performance and sound quality.

List of Best 6×8 Speakers For Bass

Don’t know where to start? How about you scroll down and take a peek at my list of 6×8 Bass Speakers that will blow you away (No Fun 🤩 intended).

1. 6×8 Speakers with Good Bass – 4 Kicker 40CS684


  • 3.5 Ohm DC Resistance
  • 90dB Sensitivity
  • UV-treated poly-foam surround
  • 45-20kHz Freq Range

Kicker is known to produce one of the most remarkable speaker variants in the car audio industry known to man and the story for these sets is no exception. Want to know my experience with these? Well scroll down below,

Superior In Every Way

My 2015 Ford Escape always had my back whenever I was going on long rides, however, the sound system felt downright cheap and wonky. But once I got my hands on Kicker 40CS684 6×8″, it felt like a massive upgrade that I clearly had never experienced before, it was as if I had installed a new seat of ears, and the music was melodious with crisp quality throughout the volume range.

The best part is, that some of the genres that I used to hear on my stock speakers felt muffled as the vocals were all mixed up especially when I cranked the volume all the way to maximum after installing this Speaker, it felt like my car got revived since its audio system received an auditory rejuvenation.

Deeper Lows & Fantastic Bass

Armed with an Extended voice coil, this remarkable set produces an immersive experience for anyone who hops into my car, since the speakers are equipped with massive magnets that offer a crisp bass that doesn’t sound boom or distorted.

The woven Polypropylene cones work efficiently in conjunction with top-of-the-line UV-treated surrounds to offer a distortion-free experience with much cleaner lows that feel soothing on the ears.

Easy to install

But that’s not it yet, the speakers also rock a 50-foot speaker wire, which effectively reaches all the way back to the factory holes, so I don’t need to drill additional holes, making it extremely compatible with my Ford escape.

The installation barely took an hour and I was able to pinch it in on all of my four doors. In my opinion, these sets certainly offer a total overhaul once you get the hang of the installation process, making it well worth every penny.


  • Has 50 ft Wire
  • Outstanding Bass Output
  • Crisp Sound Quality


  • Reverse Polarity may require correction

2. Infinity Kappa – Best 6×8 Speakers without Amp


  • 40-25, 000 Hz Frequency response
  • 6.2 pounds Net Weight
  • 5-100 watts RMS

Redfin your auditory encounters on the Road, the Infinity Kappa 6X8 is a work of art and offers everything I hoped for in my old truck.

A Complete Overhaul

Whether it’s your Toyota Camry or Ford Expedition, if you want to push the limits and take charge by spicing up its internal ambiance, the Infinity Kappa 6X8 would be more than enough to quench your desires.

In fact, when I installed these bad boys in my car, it felt like I had taken a huge leap in the sound department since the soft dome tweeter produces highs that had no parallel, meanwhile, the lows were as crisp as it can be without noise or crackling sound heard in the background.

Ever since I have had it installed, my experience with rock music has never been this astounding. It’s like I am hearing my playlist for the first time, all credits due to this awesome upgrade.

The Installation Process

Speaking of installing these magnificent sets, I have to admit that it did require plenty of finesse, especially at the initial phase. While the speakers easily fitted inside any 6X8 opening, I still had to use screw-down terminals since I had the connections from the wires trimmed off.

Keep in mind that you may also need a powerful drill, as the speakers themselves lack a mounting bracket, so make sure you install the speaker by properly planning out the dimensions and how you are going to fit it in your car.

In technical terms, the Infinity Kappa 6X8 speakers tend to have a depth of 2-⅜ inches, and a cutout diameter of 5-⅛ inches x 7-¼ inches, so you clearly need to determine the physical dimensions and the distance between drilling holes nevertheless, the whole ordeal is worth the effort, making these sets best 6×8 speakers without amp.


  • Amazing Price to value ratio
  • Top tier Design 
  • Produce Superb Bass


  • Has plastic frames

3. Best Budget 6×8 Speakers – Pioneer TS-A6880F


  • Built-in microphone
  • 2.1 pounds Net Weight
  • 350 Watts Maximum output

It might be loud enough to skip your heartbeat but at the same time, maintains a low profile on its price tag. Here is my “5-star” review about these coaxial speakers.

Core Design

Pioneer audio Coaxial speakers undoubtedly live up to their promises, it feels like almost every aspect of these speakers is crafted with plenty of careful consideration and forethought especially if you take a look at its carbon and MICA reinforced woofer cone which provides super clear audio even both highs and lows.

On the flip side, to protect the speakers from harsh conditions such as extreme heat and vibrations generated from rough driving, the synthetic polymer surrounds sensitive rubber magnet boot, to ensure the lifespan of the speakers is prolonged as much as possible.

Power & Sound Quality

When I fitted these robust yet budget-friendly coaxial speakers in my Camry, it felt like a massive leap in my sound system, the 350-watt power output from the dual voice coil ensured it blasted music with peak perfection which is more than enough than my factory system which in comparison was quite weak and shallow..

Speaking of which, these 4-way speakers when connected with the stock head unit produced mouthwatering highs without distortion or any other form of audio irregularities even when I had to crank up the music to the maximum.

On the flipside, the dual dome tweeters also did an exceptional job, especially if you consider the 1 ⅝ inches cellulose fiber cone which in my opinion provided quite commendable results even if the bass barely shook the mirrors and doors whenever I was blasting rock music.

But then again, I had to take into account that this thing was connected to the stock head unit, so 88DB sensitivity did its level best without pushing the head unit limits, which in my opinion is pretty impressive.


  • Produces Clean Highs
  • Outstanding Bass 
  • Does Not Suffers From Distortion


  • Some connector adapters need to be bought separately

4. Alphasonik AS68 – 6×8 Door Speakers with Good Bass


  • 92 dB Sensitivity
  • 4 Ohm impedance
  • 28 – 22,000 Hz Frequency Response
  • 2.32-inch Mounting Depth 

The Alphasonik is by far one of the best choices on the list since you get to have not just one but 4 individual 6×8 3-way speakers each having a power output of 350 watts, it’s ultimately a dream come true for an avid audiophile.

Vibrational Haven

If you are looking for a proper kicker and want to attain the best bang for your buck, even without using a proper amplifier you can install this set of speakers can achieve the best upgrade of your life.

My uncle who used to listen to the podcast on his lousy old default speakers of a 2004 Ford F-150, tend to complain about poor vocals and sound distortion at higher levels, after surfing the internet I got my hands on these tremendously loud woofers which certainly packed a punch with its crisp highs and smooth lows.

I even went ahead and paired a 1-inch Domed tweeters to compliment its highs and he had the best time of his life, especially traversing to his construction site work. The difference was apparent and it was way better than the stock he had in his truck.

In my opinion, I would easily term this remarkable set the best 6X8 speakers for bass with amps, however, if you are sound system lacks a proper amplifier, you can still attain tremendously loud bass after installing it in your side doors.

Fits Easily

Speaking of installation, once I plugged out his stock speakers, it was time for me to integrate these 3-way speakers in it, at first glance it did seem like a change but after a bit of back and forth and applying force, these bad boys fit like a glove, its the perfect replacement my uncle can ever have in this life.

The best part of this 6X8 speaker is that I didn’t even need a drill to create new holes which is undoubtedly a headache because it could ruin the interior and in some cases, it may look ugly. Once I was done with it, my uncle was baffled at how neat and sturdy the overall speaker integration was.

In addition to that, the wires were considerably long enough to reach his Ford’s Aftermarket head unit all the way, making the whole experience smooth as butter.


  • Extremely Easy to Install
  • Superb Build Quality
  • Clean Sound With a Dynamic Range


  • Cannot handle really low notes

5. Rockford Fosgate P1683 Punch 6″x8″ 3-Way Full Range Speaker


  • 65 Hz – 24kHz Frequency Response 
  • 2.32 inches Mounting Depth
  • 5.08 inches  x 7.26 inches Mounting Diameter
  • 4-Ohm Impedance

If you are looking to upgrade your stock system for more refined definitions across all frequencies and want the best bang for your buck, then I would suggest going with this full-range speaker

Installation Process

One of my biggest pet peeves when hooking up new sound systems or coaxial speakers is dealing with the alignment of customized holes in my car, if you aren’t familiar with this nuisance then I hope that you know a person or a mechanic who can do the job for you, otherwise, self-installation might be quite an endeavor.

However, after hours of research for my 2007 Honda Civic, I got my sight locked on Rockford Fosgate P1683 Speakers which not only seemed like a mouthwatering option but it also offered me an amazing value all while being installed in a matter of seconds.

For starters, the flex-fit basket aligned easily with the mounting holes without giving me a headache, it’s like the manufacturer knew what they were doing and for this feature alone I have to give them five stars in the convenience department.

The alignment was so top-notch, even after going on a rough patch or irregular road, I barely heard any sort of wiggle movement of the speakers, as it fitted so perfectly.

Sound Quality

Now when it came to testing out the sound quality, I had to admit, it was nowhere near a slouch, in fact when I loaded my music library, listening to it felt like a refreshing breath of air. Rather than vocals being felt like they were mushed together, each and every frequency was separated, all credit due to the integrated crossover which separated these frequencies to the designated driver.

While these sets are a 3-way coaxial speakers instead of four, they still produced enough bass to give me jolts of adrenaline whenever I was rushing through a long drive in the middle of the night. The midbass was satisfactory and the vocals and highs felt commendable without suffering from the “booming” effect. It felt like my dream of listening to good music without dealing with any sort of distortion came true and I couldn’t be much happier about it.


  • Has Great Resistance 
  • Exceptional Quality Sound Output
  • Does Not Distort At High Volume


  • Bass Isn’t as high as other 3 way speakers

6. Pyle 6” x 8” Car Sound Speaker


A mid-tier 6×8 speaker designed for those individuals who want to bask in a leisurely drive during traversal while being on a budget.

Design & Overall Quality

I desperately need a complete overhaul that wouldn’t break the bank. The Pyle 6 x 8-inch speakers felt like a lifesaver because it was exactly what I was looking for.

For the price tag it is listed, I had to admit it is nowhere near shabby, in fact, the slick minimalistic shell allows it to achieve a low profile look, allowing it to blend in with the interior of my car very efficiently.

On the flipside, the speakers also rock a blue poly injection cone which can be seen and is even covered with non-fatiguing rubber surrounds to protect the sensitive innards so that everything remains in contact even when the car is going through a rough patch or bump road.

Bass Output

On the other hand, the bass output and sound quality definitely surprised me and took me in awe considering it’s only a 40-dollar purchase yet produces a whooping frequency response of 70hz-20khz which certainly rocks the mirrors especially when the volume range is cranked too high.

I even got a few looks when passing through traffic which was weird considering the fact I had cranked my mirrors yet the sound vibrations leaked outside, in other words, the bass output certainly packs a punch and I had to be mindful of my surroundings, nevertheless it isn’t a deal breaker.

These coaxial speakers also rock a sensitivity of 91 dB and a nominal impedance of 4 ohms, which is more than enough to satisfy my needs.

The Innards

After dissecting the speakers for reviewing purposes, the speakers held a 1-inch ASV voice coil that was made from aluminum and had some bits of magnesium and even silicon in it. 

The reason for the inclusion of magnesium is to handle the heat and disperse it when higher thermal power is passed through it, allowing it to function well in hot or humid regions.

But that’s not it yet, it even has a 3/4″ Piezo Tweeter and the 1″ Neodymium Film Dome Midrange, which offers both wide and low dispersion and is made of polyetherimide (PEI) film, The tweeter isn’t shabby either as it offers smooth highs that feels mesmerizing on the ears.

Keep in mind it even rocks a 270-degree rotation function to optimize the soundstage and imaging, making your investment well worth it.


  • Budget Friendly
  • Low Profile Design
  • Decent Bass Output
  • Installs Easily


7. Infinity REF8622CFX – 6×8 Bass Speakers


  • 2.8 pounds Net Weight
  • 3.0 ohms Impedance
  • Textile Tweeters

Lastly, we have another 6 x 8 speaker from infinity, however, this time, they have better sensitivity and certainly don’t cause fatigue.

Robust Quality

Being a music geek and an audiophile, one of my biggest pet peeves is dealing with wonky speakers with horrendous cones that don’t disperse the sound waves properly, which means even though it might be loud and have better thermal power output, yet struggle to produce proper non-fatiguing sound output.

But I wouldn’t want to worry about when using these coaxial speakers because Infinity has never disappointed me before and I believe the story here is no different, in fact, from its magnetic grilles to its cone surrounds, almost every bit is made from top-tier material, there is no sight of any corner cutting which is by far one of the most appreciable factory about the speaker when it comes to evaluation of its quality.

To top it off, the speaker’s overall shell is pretty solid, there is barely any rattling or wiggling around, so it’s to assume that I could crank up the volume for years without worrying about any form of integrity issues.

Sound Output & Installation Process

It goes without saying that after using these speakers for a couple of days, I have to admit that my investment is well-secured. I even installed these speakers in my cousin’s pickup truck and he couldn’t be any happier.

He is a car freak and loves to stay up to date especially when it comes to sound systems and these speakers have been a Godsend for him. The output it provides is well-balanced and the frequencies feel like they are accurately calibrated, so it’s safe to assume these speakers punch a bit over their weight when it comes to their quality.

The bass is satisfactory and doesn’t have that “boomy” gimmick to it which often muffles the vocals of the song especially whenever I am listening to country music.

Although, at a lower volume range it did sound a bit flat nevertheless I wouldn’t call it a deal breaker.


  • Easy to install
  • Decent Build Quality
  • Amazing Sound Output


  • The Bass Feels flat at a lower volume range

Bottom Line

The above-mentioned are the best 6×8 speakers that w

ill always provide an immersive experience that undoubtedly keeps you stoked regardless of the genre you are listening to, keep in mind this list of Best 6X8 Speakers for Bass are cherry picked from a vast array of options available in the market so that you get the best of the best all while attaining the best bang for your buck.

Moreover, being an audiophile myself and a car enthusiast, I even ensured that the options I pick for my readers are easy to install and use, so be assured that the convenience factory isn’t disregarded either.

That being said, feel free to bookmark this article and even share it with your peers, so everyone can benefit from it equally.

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