How To Install Speakers In Car Trunk?

How To Install Speakers in Car Trunk? – In Short Time

If someone wants to improve their car speaker in an expensive way. They should install a car trunk in a new car. It makes a car’s audio system.

In addition, it is very quick and easy to do. However, you need to learn how to produce a car speaker in the trunk. So, in a short time, you can enjoy better music.

Let’s take a short look at how to install speakers in car trunk.

Simply, to install a speaker in a car trunk, you have to disconnect the car battery, the mounting screw and mandatory panel should be removed, and replace both the old and new speakers with each other.

An enclosure in a stable position close to the amplifier should be placed, and the speaker wire should be run between the amplifier and subwoofer terminals.

New screws for the installation of the speaker are needed. The car body along with the foam gasket and baffle speaker is worth mounting the speaker. The back of the speaker is protected by a baffle from mechanical damage.

Furthermore, an enclosure effect strength sound wave is created by the baffle coming out of the speaker.

Let’s take a look at the actual part for the detail process.

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Tools Needed to Install Speaker in a Car Trunk:

Several tools are used to install speakers in a car trunk, and it assists a lot to install speakers in a car trunk.


The screwdriver has two parts Flathead and Phillip which take care of the speaker mounting and unmounting. The other part is the Trox driver. Electronic manufacturers use the Trox driver widely in some speakers.


The Tekton Hex Key Wrench Set has Short and long Allen wrenches in 15 sizes from 0.028 to 10mm.EPAuto Set with Ratchet Wrench will assist you to lose your car panel bolt and also put them tightly.

Panel and Trim Removal Kit:

The panel and dashboard can be loosened with the help of these tools without scraping or marring or tearing foam. Amora Trim Removal Kit will assist you to expose the speaker.

Power Drill:

Tightening or loosening the screw and bolt power drill can help you. With the help of a power drill, new holes can be created if the holes of your new speaker are different from the old one.

Several bits can be offered by the WAKE Cordless Drill Driver Kit that helps to install the new speaker by drilling new holes to tighten a bolt and screw.

Hobby Knife:

40 extra blades are included in DIYSelf Exacto Knife for scrapbooking, art, or car speaker installation. The speaker edge should be trimmed carefully If you do not want to cut the wire.

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How To Install Speakers in Car Trunk?

It is very simple to install a speaker in a car trunk. You have to apply only a few steps while installing it. 

  • Firstly, you have to make a dashboard in the car trunk for the speaker. Then purchase a new speaker and do the installation of a wire.
  • After speaker wiring, if there are not any holes make the holes in the new speaker and also in the car body if not available.
  • Take a screw and put it in the holes and tighten it.
  • Use all the tools and instruments while going through these all processes.

After fixing the speaker in the car, play the music and check the quality of the sound. You will hear clear natural music so you can enjoy it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s take a look at some important FAQs.

Q. How Can I Hook Up a Speaker in a Car?

A. Carpenter opines that measure twice and cuts once. Getting the job done right is easier than fixing a botched work.

You will have a better chance to have a smooth and easy installation if you know better about your system whether it is old or new.

Q. How to Check If a Speaker Wire Is Positive or Negative?

A. Here is:

1. A-line or series of dashes/lines that are printed is positive.
2. A positive wire is red or a different color from a negative (commonly red and black used).
3. The positive wire mostly has a (+) symbol While the negative has a (-) symbol.
4. On the positive side of the insulation, the molded stripe is made.

Q. How Long Does It Take to Install Speakers in the Car?

A. It commonly takes from 1 hour to 3 hours to install a new speaker in the car.

However, times might be different, so getting an accurate quote on car stereo installation is the only way to take it into the car shop.

Q. How to Test the Speaker in a Car?

A. A 9-volt battery is needed to connect to the lead of the speaker, connect the positive lead to the positive terminal, and the negative lead to the negative terminal of the battery end.

The speaker functions properly when the pulse is generated in the speaker. For the tweeter, the speaker applies the same practice.

Q. Can I Place the Speaker in Any Car?

A. Yes, you can place the speaker in any car only if there is enough space in the car that the speaker can come into it.

Moreover, if the music system is available in the car, then installing a new speaker is possible.

Q. Does It Cost A lot TO Install a Speaker in a Car?

A. Somehow it costs, however, it mostly depends on the source from where you want to buy it. Installing a new speaker is a little bit expensive.

How hard is installing car speakers in the trunk?

The difficulty of installing car speakers in the trunk can vary depending on your level of experience, the specific car model, and the type of speakers you want to install.

Generally, the process can be straightforward, especially if you have some basic knowledge of car audio systems and electrical connections.

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Placing a new speaker in a car trunk is very easy. You have to apply only a few steps to install a speaker in a car trunk. If you want to understand the full process of installing a speaker in a car.

Simply, you have to read all the information and apply the steps which are brought up above. You will have no issues installing a speaker in a car after reading this article.

I hope this guide about how to install speakers in your car trunk is helpful to you.

Have a nice day!


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