4-inch Car Speakers for Bass

I Tried 7 Different 4-inch Car Speakers for Bass and Here’s Which One I Recommend

Traveling becomes more enjoyable when you listen to your favorite music, and you need good speakers for that.

While you may be satisfied with your current car speakers, you can always have a better option.

I have tested dozens of 4-inch car speakers (because 4” are compatible with my car), and I am a big fan of music. I have sorted out some of these car speakers with awesome bass and crystal-clear sound quality. 

Below are the 7 best 4-inch car speakers with good bass that offer excellent bass in a small package along with quality sound.

Let us have a look at these products in detail. But before jumping into that section, you must know all the factors to choose the right speakers

My Favorite 4-Inch Car Speakers with Good Bass

Here’s the list that I have created for you after testing dozens of speakers!

1. Pioneer TS-G1020S – Great 👍 4-Inch Car Speakers

The best speaker on our list is the Pioneer TS-G1020S because of its sound quality paired with amazing bass, which is recommended for pop music.

With an external crossover, they fall in the component speakers category, and because of the additional component, the bass is very well separated from the volume in the higher frequencies. 

In case you, prefer component speakers, I think Pioneer TS-G1020S is one of the best 4-inch component speakers that I have ever seen.

Technical Specifications

The sensitivity and power handling fall in the ample range for Pioneer TS-G1020S with a power rating of 60 RMS and 87dB sensitivity.

The frequency responding range is decent, with a range of 35 – 27KHz, so you can play any tone within this range. You can connect this product to your car’s audio system via a coaxial cable. 

Build Material

Like most car speakers, these are made of polypropylene but are also covered with an additional layer of synthetic mica coating.

This extra layer provides enhanced dampening capabilities, especially during high-volume notes.

Moreover, for uninterrupted bass, it has a rubber surround which is very handy when the speaker is vibrating. 


This brand has a decent reputation for longevity. The product is an example of a highly durable product in this niche.

The mica coating on synthetic outlook gives it a stiff physical structure that can endure high volumes and extreme temperatures.

In addition, its tweeter is made of terephthalate, making it more diverse in terms of durability. 

Bass and Volume

The volume on these speakers is exceptionally good, with the tweeter delivering crystal sound notes with every genre of music, and you can’t limit these speakers to just a single type of music.

It has a built-in feature of Progressive Flex Suspension that greatly helps the linearity of sound by damping the large cone vibration. 

In addition, the bass is always heavy and fuller, thanks to the built-in woofers. The external crossover makes the separation of bass from the higher frequencies possible, producing sheer bass at high volumes. 


  • Enhanced Durability
  • Great bass with crisp volume
  • External Crossover
  • Additional Rubber Surround


  • No grilles making it vulnerable to dust
  • It may not fit in some cars’ rear speaker compartments.

2. Rockford Fosgate P142 Car Speakers with Bass

The Rockford Fosgate P142 Punch speaker is the second on our list, a two-way full-range speaker with good sound quality and superb bass.

It has a built-in crossover, unlike the Pioneer, but this one is quite effective in producing richer and fuller bass.

Technical Specifications

It has impressive specifications with a sensitivity of 86.5dB and a power handling value of 60 RMS, which is quite reasonable.

With a frequency range of 100 – 22KHz, this speaker will entertain various sounds with an impedance of 4 ohms.

These specifications are great, but because of its Flexfit Basket design, it is more expensive than its competitors. 

Build Material

The build material of this speaker is the same as its competitor. It is also produced from polypropylene.

Likely, the edges of these speakers are also covered in rubber to protect them from vibrating at high volumes. The enhancement of using mineral-injected polypropylene in the woofer cone makes it more solid.

The overall build quality is decent and a good contender for replacing your car’s stock speakers. 


The design of this product makes it a winner regarding durability and ease of installation. With an internal crossover, all the wires are intact inside a basket.

Plus, the PEI dome, paired with a mineral-filled cone and butyl rubber surround, makes this device much more durable. It can pair with a high-powered audio system because it can support 60 watts of RMS.

Moreover, it doesn’t use traditional screw holes; sports slots are introduced for simple installation and enhanced durability.

Volume and Bass

In terms of volume quality, these speakers are second to none.

Thanks to the VAST (vertical attach surround technique) technology, which is proprietary to the manufacturer, it increases the size of the cone by 25%, meaning that the cone will have more space to vibrate and manage more frequencies.

The inclusion of PEI enables these speakers to filter out low frequencies offering pleasant sounds. I observed no distortion while using these speakers for an hour on long journeys. 


  • Easy to install
  • Great power handling 
  • Very durable build-quality
  • Robust sound quality


  • Requires a 12V battery to operate
  • Comparatively pricey

3. Alpine S-S40 4-inch Coaxial Car Speakers

The Alpine S-S40 S-Series is a 4-inch 2-way speaker that connects to the audio system using a coaxial cable.

It uses the brand’s patented High Amplitude Multi-Roll to maintain accuracy and linearity. Its woofer has unique built material providing extra stiffness and enhanced volume.

Technical Specifications

This speaker also falls in the optimum sensitivity range valued at 86 dB. The peak power of this device is 140 Watts, while it can handle an RMS of 45 watts, which could have been better.

The effective frequency range is 97 – 22KHz and has the same impedance as Rockford’s speakers, 4 Ohm. Besides the 4-inch version, you can also find 4” x 6” size variations. 

Build Material

As mentioned earlier, these products are built from carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFPR), a very lightweight and rigid material.

The said material is directional, which is crucial in manipulating during the molding procedure to strengthen the otherwise weak areas of the cone, like the edges.

With a more rigid cone, it guarantees to deliver efficient performance with clear sound. 


The carbon fiber reinforced plastic is paired with rubber surrounds that allow these speakers to become more durable than ever. The high amplitude rubber surround ensures a reduced distortion at high volume for much clear sound.

Being a fan of Alpine speakers, I love these installed in my car’s rear speaker compartment, and I have been using them for a long time. 

Volume and Bass

These speakers are equipped with efficiently large voice coils making them powerful sound machines. In the 4-inch model, the voice coil is 25mm, which is incredible for such a compact design.

Moreover, the HAMR technology helps increase excursion and, simultaneously, the linearity and accuracy of the audio. It is the multi-roll design that allows the even unfolding of sound, producing excellent colorization rejection. 


  • Sturdy Build Material
  • Highly Durable
  • Crisp sound with no distortion


  • Sensitivity could be better.

4. Kicker 41DSC44 Good Bass 4 Inch Speakers

The Kicker 41DSC44-4 speaker has made it to our list because of its exceptionally cool bass despite the absence of a rubber surround. Its bass is amazingly full and rich.

The build material is untraditional by reinforcing the polypropylene with finely ribbed plastic foam. The foam is used as a replacement for rubber, and surprisingly, the life of this foam is insanely long. 

Technical Specifications

This speaker is designed for low-powered car audio systems because it has an RMS of only 30 watts while the peak power handling is 120 watts.

However, the sensitivity is still quite impressive, with 88dB, which balances out the low RMS.

In this regard, the frequency range is also on the good side ranging from 60Hz to 20KHz. These are quite good specifications if you consider Kicker, a permanent replacement for your vehicle’s stock speakers. 

Build Material

It is produced using synthetic polypropylene, but instead of rubber, its woofer has ribbed polyester foam to help it vibrate.

This foam helps this device provide linearity during high volumes. The tweeter is built of polyetherimide (PEI) plastic, which is famous for its high mechanical strength and rigidity.

Overall, the build quality is satisfying, with average finishing and diverse materials. 


These speakers have a good impression when it comes to durability. The combination of polypropylene and reinforced plastic gives them a sturdy finish with outstanding rigidity.

You can’t question its durability when using it at full volume for long periods. The plastic foam allowed the woofer to move freely, producing high-impact bass. 

Volume and Bass

Despite having low RMS values, these speakers are very good at producing impactful, rich, and fuller bass at higher volumes.

The tweeter plastic (PEI) handles high frequency and reproduces them in detail and favorably. While increasing the volume, the reproduction accuracy didn’t seem to deviate.

Both the volume and bass are satisfying for an average user. 


  • Great for low-powered audio cars
  • Light mounting profile
  • Easy to install
  • Produces amazing sound output


  • RMS is low and can’t be used with high-powered speakers

5. Polk Audio DB401 4 Inch Door Speakers

Built with butyl rubber, the Polk Audio DB401 is an excellent car speaker that you can use in your car with an even distribution of vocals coming from different musical instruments.

Thanks to the durable rubber surround standouts. It is built to withstand high temperatures and extreme sunlight. The RMS rating of this product reveals that you can only use them with low-powered audio systems. 

In case, you’re looking for the best 4-inch full-range speaker, then Polk DB401 should be on the top of your list.

Technical Specifications

With an incredible sensitivity of 91dB, it has a maximum RMS of only 45 watts, which is disappointing.

However, the maximum power handling is still decent, with 135 watts. You can play sounds on this speaker, ranging from 85Hz to 22KHz.

This device has a standard 4 ohms impedance compatible with car speakers. It has a built-in high-quality two-way crossover for enhanced bass. 

Build Material

This product is a marvel regarding its build material. The speakers are backed by durable butyl rubber that can withstand extreme temperatures and sunlight exposure for a longer duration.

The cone is filled with a mica polymer composite for a dynamic balance, resulting in loud sound. It is also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry if you spill water or coffee over it. 


If I say this is the most durable speaker, it is not wrong because it has a marine certification, meaning you can even use it in your boats.

Moreover, it has a pair of grilles for the protection of the dome and to stop any dust. With a Kapton voice coil, it offers excellent reliability with a melting temperature of 725 degrees Fahrenheit.

The numbers are incredible to showcase the durability of this product. 

Volume and Bass

These speakers gave me a truly life-like experience. While listening to Mozart’s music, I felt like I was in a concert because I felt all the musical instruments from different drivers.

Like the violin from the left, woodwinds from the center speaker, and brass from the right. It was a pleasing experience for a music lover like me.

Moreover, its tweeters are produced from a combination of silk and polymer, resulting in the reproduction of detailed high-frequency for improved dampening. It is somewhat the same as in pure silk tweeters. 


  • Superb quality imaging 
  • Insanely good sensitivity
  • Multi-hole design to easily fix
  • Sleek design


  • Requires 12V battery
  • Distortion in higher volume

6. DS18 EXL-SQ4 4-Inch Speakers for Car

The DS 18 EXL-SQ4 are two-way speakers built from high sound-quality fiberglass for rigidity. With a perfect bass, fuller volume, and exquisite vocals, you can have the best music experience in your car.

They have the experience to play expert-level chords.

While the body is made of fiberglass, the cone edges are covered in rubber to prevent damage during vibrations in high volumes.  

Technical Specifications

These speakers have decent specs with an RMS rating of 60 watts, and the peak power handling is around 260 watts, which means they are compatible with a high-powered audio system.

The frequency range is also on the higher side ranging from 115Hz to 22KHz.

The impedance, however, could have been better with only 3 ohms, but the sensitivity is greatly valued at 85dB. It has an aluminum metal frame and a rubber surround for dampening. 

Build Material

This product has diversity regarding build material. That being said, the cone is created using black fiberglass for better stiffness and rigidity, and it is a rubber surround for safety in higher volumes.

At the same time, the frame is made up of aluminum. The magnet inside the product is created from strontium. It has a unique coaxial design paired with a concave recessed tweeter supported by a 1” voice coil and is protected by the grill. 


The black glass fiber gives a decent look and offers amazing durability while keeping high sensitivity.

These speakers are amazingly durable because they have a mixture of different materials. With a grill on, you don’t need to worry about any dust or potential damage to the dome.

Moreover, the dome is constructed from PEI material known for its rigidity and longevity and offering extended durability.

Volume and Bass

Regarding volume, the DS18 EXL-SQ4 has an excellent reputation.

The tweeter keeps the high notes clean and crisp, making them more enjoyable to listen to. The high volume makes the bass heavy and fuller with rich vocals.

The DS18 is one of the best products for modern music. With a good range of frequencies, it can touch higher volumes with unmatched bass. 


  • Crystal clear sound
  • Long-lasting 
  • Easy to install
  • Grille for protection
  • Aggressively loud sound


  • Comparatively Costly 
  • Room for improvement in impedance

7. Kicker KSC404 KSC 40 4-Inch Car Audio Speakers

The Kicker KSC404 is another good quality speaker with enhanced durability because of tough rubber surrounds. It does have an extended dynamic range for an extraordinary experience.

They are equipped with pure silk dome tweeters for smooth sound delivery and have a high power handling rate.

One of the best things about this product is the price tag. It has a meager price compared to its competitors. 

Technical Specifications

The technical specs are very reasonable, with a whopping 75 watts RMS and a peak power handling of 150 watts. It indicates that you can use these speakers on a high-powered audio system.

The sensitivity is also impressive at 88dB, with a standard 4 ohms impedance. The frequencies it can play range from 60Hz to 20KHz, which is decent in this price range. It connects via regular coaxial cable, so no technical expertise is required.

Build Material

The overall build of the woofer is the standard polypropylene with a tough rubber surround for extended durability.

The built-in grills help in mounting quickly on any surface.

Its tweeter dome is made entirely of silk, and its magnet comprises neodymium. The overall build quality is supreme, with a tendency for more extended durability than most competitors. 


Even though the design is slim and sleek, you should not mistakenly take it for delicacy because it is covered in grilles. The tough rubber surround ensures the reliability of the product.

Because of the zero protrusion feature, the silk dome is very easy to install and lasts longer than usual. Unlike the Polk Audio DB401, these speakers are not waterproof, so it better keeps watery goods away from them. 

Volume and Bass

Thanks to the silk dome, the volume is incredibly smooth in vocals and instruments. Its stereo imaging is amazing because the potent core emits quite a lot of energy.

The internal rubber surround woofer helps with mid-range frequencies, while the silk dome delivers many clear and detailed highs. It is a great choice if you listen to music at a high volume.  


  • Silk dome for smooth sound
  • Grilles to protect speakers
  • Outstanding output audio
  • Mind-blowing bass


  • Lack of built-in crossover

Buying Guide for 4-Inch Car Speakers

There are plenty of important factors to consider while buying speakers for your vehicle.

The 4 most important ingredients to consider are sensitivity, power handling, a choice between component or full range speakers and their build material, and only synthetic or having a metallic coat. 


Sensitivity means how loud a speaker can perform with a single watt of power supply.

The best idea is to incorporate high sensitivity with a low-powered car audio system, sensitivity over 90dB is a good threshold for a good audio experience. 

Power Rating

The power rating is the maximum amount of power your speakers can embrace without the threat of damage. Your car’s audio system must match your speaker’s power rating.

For instance, if your vehicle produces higher power than the speakers can absorb, it will eventually damage the components. 

On the other hand, if your audio system cannot provide the required power, the speakers won’t perform properly.

In this case, I recommend a speaker with a power rating of 2-40 RMS if your vehicle has a low-powered audio system. 

Component or Full-Range Speakers

The next crucial aspect is the type of speakers, whether component speakers or full-range speakers.

There are a few differences between these two types; the most noticeable one is the external crossover in the component speakers.

Both speakers have woofers tackling the bass and a tweeter manipulating the upper-frequency range.

At the same time, the additional crossover in the component is used to filter the frequencies and guide them to the correct driver.

While component speakers have crossover, installing full-range speakers is easy and more affordable because of mass availability in different price brackets.

Frequently Asked Questions About 4-Inch Speakers

These are the most related and frequent ask questions that I have been asked, let’s take a look at each one.

What are the best small car speakers?

Pioneer TS-G1020S, Alpine S-S40 S Series, and Rockford Fosgate P142 Punch coaxial 2-way speakers are the best small car speakers. 

What is the best brand for 4-inch Car Speakers?

The Pioneer is the best brand for 4-inch car speakers, which provides stunning speakers with smooth sound and fuller bass. Alpine and Rockford also produce great speakers.

Are 2 or 3-way speakers better?

The 3-way speakers are better in terms of sound quality and offer many options as it has an additional driver with a discrete subwoofer that only entertains low frequencies. 

Will upgrading my car speakers improve the sound?

Once you upgrade your car speakers, the sound quality will improve significantly.

People usually replace the stock audio systems with after-market speakers because of better sound quality and great bass. 

Are 4-way speakers good for bass?

The 4-way speakers have two additional tweeters that help them create higher volume and more bass.

Although the volume in 4-way speakers is high, there is no significant rise, and you can settle for 2-way speakers as well.

Final Words 🤔

The stock speakers in your car may not fit your taste, so you need to upgrade your car’s audio system with the best good bass 4-inch car speakers.

I have tested dozens of speakers in my car (I am a big fan of music) and filtered out these seven devices. These devices offer vibrant bass with high volumes and almost zero distortion. 

Many are very easy to install, and you can switch them effortlessly between the front and rear audio compartments.

All these audio products will fit your budget because they fall into different price brackets. If you ever try, let us know about your experience with any of the mentioned items.

That being said, have a nice day 😊.

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