Car Speakers Distort At High Volume

Why Do Car Speakers Distort At High Volume? – How to Fix?

Whether the volume of a song is cranked up in the car, audible speaker distortion may have been noticed. There may be a distortion in the car before you see it.

In short, two main reasons are there for the distortion of the speaker at high volume. The audio source is the most common because it distorts itself.

The second reason is a speaker pushes the driver to the extremes of their design motion and is also able to distort, they behave non-linearly and distorted sounds are produced in this case.

Furthermore, there are some other reasons for distorting the car.  Such as no availability of an amplifier, using an over-powerful amplifier or one of the reasons is to set up an amplifier to gain control wrongly.

In detail, the car speakers distort at high volume reasons and fixing will be fully discussed in this article. After reading this article you will be completely understood how to save your car speaker without any distortion.

What is Distortion in Car Speakers?

Any deformation of output or waveform is referred to as Audio distortion compared to its input.

Only the difference between the waveform of the sound waves is technically speaker distortion then. Compared to the waveform of the audio signal applied is produced to its drivers.

In fact, we normally think about speaker distortion as the audible distortion in the sound emanating from the speaker is heard by us.

Why Do My Car Speakers Sound Bad At High Volume?

There are many possible reasons for distorting the speaker at a high volume. So let’s take a look at some causes of distortion of the speaker.

1. No Availablity Of An Amplifier In The Car Stereo:

Car sound systems are able to work without the presence of an amplifier, however, there are fewer expectations to get the same sound features as with the amplifier.

Amplifiers assist the speaker to produce the best sound without any kind of distortion. And no availability of amplifiers in setup could possibly be responsible for producing distorted sounds at high volumes.

2. Faulty Speaker:

There may be a fault in the speaker so the source sound distortion from your stereo to be discovered will not need to look far from you.

Once a fault is developed by the speaker, processing the required audio quality becomes impossible, thereby leading to distortion.

At low volumes the distortion may go unnoticed, however, it becomes more obvious as the music tends. 

3. The Speaker Signal is Too Powerful:

At higher volumes, car stereos could distort with an incompatible speaker paired with a powerful amplifier a result comes out.

With a powerful audio signal, a weak speaker overload from an amplifier is able to damage its voice coil, thus resulting in distortion.

4. At the Wrong Level Setting Amplifier Gain Control:

Intends the boost control and gain in an amplifier to boost and improve input signals.

However to this level when it is set speaker and subwoofer handles are either too much or too low, and permanent damage to these components or sound distortion could have resulted.

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How To Fix Car Speaker Distortion?

Here is all the information to set up the system and make the speaker that does not produce distorted sound while increasing the volume of a car speaker.

Only you have to follow the information step by step which is brought up in the article. Let’s explore how to remove distortion from audio:

1. A New Speaker Should Be Purchase:

It is stated that having a faulty speaker in your car can lead to distortion.

The distortion can be easily terminated by only purchasing a new speaker for your car.

The expense of a new speaker is between $100 and $500.

In case you’re under budget then it’s worth checking out my personal favorite 4-inch speakers with quality bass.

2. An Amplifier Should Be Gated:

Whether your car stereo produces a distorted sound at high volumes you are suggested to think about to look into is to purchase a new amplifier for the system or the more suitable option replacing the existing one.

The service of a professional driver will be provided in case of not setting the system by a casual driver.

3. Adjust amplifier gain controls:

Whether the tinkering is good and you are able to enjoy it, then the distortion could be corrected by you from your speaker by setting gain control to appropriate levels.

In the hope to get louder music is not suggested to be done without proper guidance, tune gain control to the highest level, and only distortion is encouraged.

Quality sound from your car stereo by setting the stereo volume to about three-quarters of the way can get, and adjusting the amplifier’s gain control to reduce distortion.

4. Bass-Boosted Music Should Be Avoided:

Many of us including myself like the deep music, while out on a drive and the soothing voices of talented bass singers, and would give something to listen to their music.

Unluckily, the cheap product has led, To a higher volume, which tends to distort the speaker’s low-quality bass-boosted music.

Original CDs and audio files on your car stereo should be played. A quality amplifier should be paired with it. There will be no need for bass-boosting to enjoy the deep voice music of a talented singer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s describe some FAQs.

Q. Can a car speaker be damaged by a high volume?

Yes, it may cause damage to your speaker to play high audio/music because of excess heat in the driver or the driver suspending the mechanical failure. The speaker will burn by increasing the volume of the amplifier.

Q. How do I know if my speakers are clipping?

You will know and hear it when you have a severe clipping. Like the audio is starting to break up it sounds which is called light distortion. The more clipping the more distortion will happen.

Q. Are car subwoofers illegal?

If the loud music does not disturb the neighbor then you can use loud and subwoofer music and it is legal. Beautiful the volume is that much loud that it disturbs the neighbor then you will be fined.

Q. Why do my speakers sound fuzzy?

You have to verify the speaker that is connected properly to the system. Try to change the music if applicable. Try to move the control button if it is present in your car system.

In addition, change the control, volume, or any other button that is available in your car stereo. You can also check it with a tape  CD or radio etc.


At low and high volumes music can be enjoyed in a car stereo without any destruction of sound distortion. There are several factors you have to think about.

To understand the power requirement you have to gain the knowledge of the right stereo system control.

The most important point to enjoying music is the quality component of your car stereo. You have to set up the system correctly so you can enjoy music.

I hope this guide about car speaker distorting at high volume helped you to understand the reasons and how to fix it.

Have a nice & good day!

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