JBL Vs Infinity Car Speakers

JBL Vs Infinity Car Speakers – Which is Best for Bass & Sound?

Listening to quality music is wanted by several people. However, most of them are confused that a JBL will be good for an audio system or having an infinity car speaker.

Both JBL and Infinity car speakers are huge contenders in the audio system industry.

Not only from the same parent company, Harman International Industries they originated, but also a wide selection of high-quality speakers are produced by them for a variety of audio applications.

If you have a car and the music system is not good in the car you will probably like to change the music system. So you will obviously go to buy a JBL or infinity car speaker.

But you are not sure which will produce good sound and be better for your car.

Therefore, the features and differences between JBL vs. Infinity car speakers are discussed in the below article which made you choose a better one.

In Short JBL vs. Infinity

Taking out JBL’s entire menu and comparing it with Infinity’s catalog would be impossible for us. A huge assortment of high-quality speakers is had by both brands, However, the prices and models are different from each other.

Moreover, In terms of versatility, JBL’s speakers are superior, Compact, Bluetooth speaker system, and waterproof are the majority of their speakers, to the majority of infinity speakers as opposed to those that revolve around the car stereo sphere.

Obviously, both brands are good and both can able purchased for your car. For more discussion let’s go into deep detail.

Now, let’s take a look at the detailed review of both brands.

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JBL Vs Infinity Car Speakers Brands

Let’s explore in detail these 2 brands and see what they offer for their price range.

JBL Speakers:

A long line of wireless speakers, home audio, headphones, and car & marine audio systems is hosted by JBL speakers.  It has already been brought up that JBL is a little bit more versatile than the Infinity one.

However, it doesn’t mean that JBL is better than the rest. Both Infinity and JBL are greater manufacturers from an objective point of view as a result.

From the beginning, the first line of a speaker is available in the wireless category. Usually, Bluetooth speakers are called these speakers, Among the most sought-after speaker types on the market today, they are.

Obviously, in this area, JBL wins, as hundreds of wireless models are produced through them. Into several sub-small categories that are divided.

A series of high-quality loudspeakers, voice-activated speakers, subwoofers, and soundbars are produced through JBL. In terms of versatility, JBL speakers are superior which is safely established by us. It would not be hurt to see how other fields of performance fared them.

The most positive point of JBL speakers is that it does not cost much even if it would not be realized by you. Their high-quality models are able to be found at low prices and categories at medium prices.

Nonetheless, JBL Extreme and the BoomBox models are a bit more expensive than the average.

Infinity Speakers:

The number of speakers, component systems, subwoofers, and various accessories for car and marine audio systems is in the first speaker category.

Whereas the bookshelf speakers, floor speakers, center speakers, and subwoofers for home audio are included in the second speakers’ category. 

Making premium-quality car stereo systems is more than obvious so much is the reason for Infinity Excel, most of the time perfecting their craft has been spent by infinity.

Hence, 24 as opposed to a home audio speaker which is in the minority are the most numeral models.

The best floor speaker on the market is Infinity’s C336 speakers, however, in the category, it is the only model. Only two pairs of “ References Models “ are included in the “ bookshelf speaker “ branch. Which belong to the higher-end price point category.

One more reality is that Infinity Speaker makes a speaker which also belongs to the “references series’’. To the Kappa and Primus, generation a couple of models belong.

Which suites are best for people looking for a budget and mid-price speaker and speaker systems?

Comparison Between JBL Vs Infinity Car Speakers

In this paragraph, we only do a comparison of a few things in both brands’ speakers.

1. Versatility:

It is clear that infinity speakers are not versatile, as a result, the menu and course are not capable of characterizing that particular word in a conventional way.

Mostly, infinity’s speakers are designed for cars, even though 24 car speakers are there, 10 component systems, 8 car subwoofers, etc. are not versatile.

Nevertheless, on the other hand, all kinds of speakers are made and sold by JBL. ranging from plain Bluetooth wireless speakers to voice-activated speakers, to home theater audio systems being robust. So this round is won by JBL.

2. Performance and Sound Clarity

It is necessary to recall that both Infinity and JBL brands are owned by Harman, so we have to do with the performance and quality, but we do not have to do with the earliest model.

Several things are meant by a new owner, he is about to fire certain staff or reposition, and he will upgrade the technology.

The JBL speaker is liked by party people who like high-quality sound and want to travel with great music.

High-end JBL offers a good soundage balance, they excel in every single aspect of performance and are safe, and the same to the infinity high-end.

The difference is the medium-price and high-budget models. Both Infinity and JBL names hardcore in this line of work. Most competitor entry-level speakers are surpassed by their most inferior model, even still between them there are differences.

Their efficiency in making car & marine stereo systems is accentuated by infinity.

That means it will always point to the bass, Overall soundage will always work best in smaller contained environments, if you add reverb and similar effects, For JBL it goes the opposite.

3. Price:

One of the comparisons is the price, which is a big point for many people. Actually, there is not that much difference between the price of both. JBL brand speaker is a little bit expensive while the Infinity is cheaper.

You can get the JBL speaker from $200 up to so on. But infinity is able to be bought from $100 and up to $1000. It also depends on the source from where you want to purchase it.

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Differences Between JBL vs. Infinity

Let’s find out the differences between Infinity Kappa vs JBL GTO Car Speaker:

There is a 1” edge-driven soft textile dome tweeter in Infinity while in JBL there is an Edge-Driven silk dome tweeter.

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An Infinity Formed Glass-fiber woofer with a hi-roll butyl rubber surround is available but carbon-injected woofer woofers with butyl rubber surround are in JBL.

A frequency sensitivity of infinity is 95db while of JBL is 93db. The frequency response of infinity is between 45hz and 25000 Hz but JBL is between 23hz and 21000 Hz. Infinity has a power handling of 5-75 watts with an RMS of 225 watts peak power.

However, JBL has a power handling between 5-60 watts RMS with 180 watts peak power.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions.

Q. Is Infinity JBL a Chinese company?

A: No, JBL is not a Chinese company but it is an American company. Its Audio manufacturer headquarters is in Los Angeles, California, United States.

Q. Is JBL as good as Bose?

A: With subwoofers, the JBL comes, then Bose Speaks the bass effect is better.

The Bose speaker is smaller than the JBL speaker, and the radiator of the JBL has a high vibration level which emits better to deeper bass tones.

Q. Is Infinity Speaker a JBL brand?

A: No, Infinity Speaker is not a JBL brand.

Q. What brand of speakers does Toyota use?

A: A partnership is done with JBL audio by Toyota, with great sound audio systems it surely pays off that great low-end bass response is provided, clear mids, and crisp highs that culminate into a rich experience are also provided.


Importantly, both Infinity and JBL brands have good quality models. You can choose which one is best it depends on the situation. Infinity speaker is used for car stereo while JBL is versatile.

It is not possible to select only one of them because both are good at their own position and both have a great market for sales.

I hope this comparison between JBL vs. Infinity Car Speakers helped you to find the best one for your stereo system.

Have a nice day!

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